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Stretch film is a transparent plastic material made with linear low-density polyethylene resin, a characteristic that allows it to have high mechanical resistance and low thickness; it's used to safely wrap and contain various materials.

Minimum order 250 rolls 

price per kilo$65

Price per kilo recycling $60

Price per kilo colors $115



When applying a heat flow, the material with a high shrinkage easily adapts to the surface.

Heat shrink bag with high oxygen barrier for vacuum packaging processed meats, fresh red meat, and ripe cheese, as well as a medium barrier bag for vacuum packaging fresh cheese

Widely used in processed meats: Sausages, hams, mortadellas, fresh cheeses and mature cheeses. 

Minimum order 1 ton 


Printed or unprinted laminated top and coextruded bottoms with "cast" technology up to 9 layers, from 3.5 to 11 thousandths of an inch thick, for use in thermoforming machines.

The main application is thermoformed vacuum packaging of sausages, cheeses, processed meats, etc. 

Minimum order 1 ton 



The film with high gloss and transparency. Value for food, agricultural and shelf products, with high performance and transparency.

We have polyolefin in calibers 60, 75, and 100.

Polyolefin can shrink up to 40% of its original size by applying heat, with the best appearance to obtain the most demanding quality standards in products packaged with shrink film that require display in the store. Point of sale.

Minimum order 250 rolls 

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